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Villiaumite Fine  specimen mineral Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec - 001

Villiaumite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec – 001

Villiaumite is a rare halide mineral composed of sodium fluoride, NaF. It is very soluble in water. Some specimens fluoresce under long and short wave ultraviolet light. Soft and brittle, has a Mohs hardness of 2.5, it is usually red, pink, or orange in color. It is toxic to humans and animals. One prolific occurrence was in Poudrette quarry at Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. Also found at DeMix quarry in St-Amable, Varennes, Quebec, Canada. It occurs in nepheline syenite intrusives and in nepheline syenite pegmatites, associated with aegirine, sodalite, nepheline, neptunite, lamprophyllite, pectolite, serandite, eudialyte, ussingite

Here is a one of the Better specimens of Villiaumite from Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. Attractive cabinet size specimen. Collected in the summer of 1989. Specimen is about 100 mm wide and 50 mm tall.

Price: $125.00

For detailed description of Villiaumite please read Villiaumite

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Villiaumite Fine  specimen mineral Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec - 001