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Elbaite Lepidolite  Skardu, Pakistan – 014

Elbaite Lepidolite Skardu, Pakistan – 014

Elbaite, sodium lithium aluminum boro-silicate with the chemical formula Na(Li,Al)3Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)4 named after island of Elba in Italy, is the most well-known and valued species of the Tourmaline group. Most of the multicolored Tourmaline and just about all of the Tourmaline gemstones are of the Elbaite variety it is also one of the most varied minerals in terms of color.

From the new discovery, very nice specimen of light Pink Tourmaline (group) about 100 mm x 50 mm Lepidolite on white Albite matrix with sharp Morion Quartz Crystals.
It is a very fine display piece. From Skardu, Pakistan. Fine slender crystals with very good terminations.
Unique form and color.

Price: $1475.00

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Elbaite Lepidolite Skardu, Pakistan – 014