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Elbaite Tourmaline Albite, Pakistan

Picture taken indoor with white LED light.

Elbaite Tourmaline Albite, Pakistan 001

Elbaite, sodium lithium aluminum boro-silicate with the chemical formula Na(Li,Al)3Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)4 is the most well-known and valued species of the Tourmaline group. Most of the multicolored Tourmaline and just about all of the Tourmaline gemstones are of the Elbaite variety.

Recently collected, absolutely gorgeous unique specimen of pink Tourmaline crystals on Muscovite covered Albite crystals.

From Skardu, Pakistan.  Fine crystals with very good terminations.

One of a kind. About 80 mm x 45 mm.

Price: $12,000

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Elbaite Tourmaline Albite, Pakistan

Picture taken outdoor with bright sun light.