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Suolunite, LAB Mine, Black Lake, Quebec - 001

Suolunite, LAB Mine, Black Lake, Quebec – 001

Type Locality: Suolun massif, Horqin (Ke’erqin Youyi Qianqi), Hinggan League (Xing’an Prefecture), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China

Suolunite; Ca2Si2O5(OH)2 – H2O, Hydrated Calcium Silicate Hydroxide is a very rare calcium silicate mineral found only in six places world wide and only in the LAB Mine, Black Lake, Quebec in a crystal form

Mining director at the time, Mr. Duclos noticed a large pod of unusual mineral exposed in a blast and brought it to the attention of his son François.
Thinking that it is Prehnite François and his father collected most of the material. I was fortunate to get few large specimens of what obviously was not Prehnite.
Only after Mr. Charles Locke Key picked up all of the rest and had it analyzed I was told that it was Suolunite, species I never heard of before.
All of the Charley’s material was sold to the Royal Ontario Museum and only two or three well connected dealers where able to acquire some specimens for resale.
While this is definitely world’s best Suolunite, interest in this material was never high because it is one of those unfamiliar rarities.
Brad Wilson of Kingston Ontario has cut few Gems from some of this material.

This large SUOLUNITE Specimen, was collected in the mid 90’s. Approximate size is 200 x 120 . It is one of the biggest specimen available.

Price: $10,000.00

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Suolunite, LAB Mine, Black Lake, Quebec - 001