Beekmantown Localities


Gold Specimens

Gold Joe Mann Mine Fine mineral specimen Chibougamou area

Mont Saint-Hilaire

Mont St Hilaire

Garnet Group


Orford Nickel Mine


Thetford Mines

Thetford Mines

Yukon Phosphates


Francon Quarry

Francon Quarry

Rare Mineral Specimens

My Collection – Local

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Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show 2018 – Update

Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show 2018 – Update 29th January

We are set up in room #183 at the Riverpark Inn until the 7th of February 2018, open from 10 AM to 6PM daily.  For Ultra Violet lamp carrying collectors: Make an appointment and we can stay open until 9PM; once booked.  Call 518-954-9308 or knock at our Front Tent!  For more info, see my facebook post

Very busy so far, as in previous years, many visitors enjoy the multitude of rooms and tents approach of the Pueblo Gem and Mineral Show.

Here are a few photos of our Room (183) :

Outside of the Riverpark Inn, Tuscon, AZOn display at the Riverpark Inn, Tuscon, AZPhotos of Myself inside the Polylithionite cavity and discovered specimens in 2003.My setup at the Riverpark Inn, Tuscon, AZMy setup inside Room 183 at the Riverpark Inn, Tuscon, AZ

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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Silver Specimens


Jeffrey Quarry


Quebec Localities

Quebec Localities

Ontario Localities


Canadian Localities

Canadian Localities east - west

International Localities

International Localities

Tourmaline Group


**Sold** Specimens


My Collection – Canadian