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Grossular Garnet Jeffrey Mine Asbestos Quebec -003

Grossular Garnet Jeffrey mine, Asbestos QC

Always popular Hessonite Variety

Garnet Group consists of Andradite-Grossular Series, Grossular-Hibschite Series, Grossular-Katoite Series, Grossular-Uvarovite Series, Pyrope-Grossular Series. Grossular is a calcium-aluminium mineral species of the garnet group with the formula Ca3Al2(SiO4)3. Name is derived from the botanical name for the gooseberry, grossularia. Grossular is found in contact metamorphosed limestones and in contact zones of syenite, granite and gabbro with vesuvianite, diopside, wollastonite as is the case in Jeffrey mine.

 Approximate size is 130 x 100 x 25 mm. Collected in 1999.

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Grossular Garnet Jeffrey Mine Asbestos Quebec -003