Beekmantown Localities


Gold Specimens

Gold Joe Mann Mine Fine mineral specimen Chibougamou area

Mont Saint-Hilaire

Mont St Hilaire

Garnet Group


Orford Nickel Mine


Thetford Mines

Thetford Mines

Yukon Phosphates


Francon Quarry

Francon Quarry

Rare Mineral Specimens

My Collection – Local

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new website design!

14 years ago I published my first mineral specimen website. It was done by the primitive cut and paste method and using a 360K pixel camera. It was considered cool then and it brought in lots of transactions. But I stopped updating it and now it looked like a scarecrow compared to what other websites look like. So it was high time for a renewed website with a brand new look and brand new suite of Fine Mineral Specimens.

 Enjoy our new website design:

Jonathan’s Mineral Exchange

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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Silver Specimens


Jeffrey Quarry


Quebec Localities

Quebec Localities

Ontario Localities


Canadian Localities

Canadian Localities east - west

International Localities

International Localities

Tourmaline Group


**Sold** Specimens


My Collection – Canadian