Beekmantown Localities


Gold Specimens

Gold Joe Mann Mine Fine mineral specimen Chibougamou area

Mont Saint Hilaire

Mont St Hilaire

Garnet Group


Orford Nickel Mine


Thetford Mines

Thetford Mines

Yukon Phosphates


Francon Quarry

Francon Quarry

Rare Mineral Species

My Collection – Local

new website design!

14 years ago I published my first mineral specimen website. It was done by the primitive cut and paste method and using a 360K pixel camera. It was considered cool then and it brought in lots of transactions. But I stopped updating it and now it looked like a scarecrow compared to what other websites look like. So it was high time for a renewed website with a brand new look and brand new suite of Fine Mineral Specimens.

 Enjoy our new website design:

Jonathan’s Mineral Exchange

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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Silver Specimens


Jeffrey Mine


Quebec Localities

Quebec Localities

Ontario Localities


Canadian Localities

Canadian Localities east - west

International Localities

International Localities

Tourmaline Group


**SOLD** Specimens


My Collection – Canadian