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Serandite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec - 001

Serandite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec

Sérandite is a mineral with formula Na(Mn2+,Ca)2Si3O8(OH). First discovered in Guinea in 1931 and named for J. M. Sérand. Sérandite is generally orange, brown, gray or colorless. Sérandite is a member of the Wollastonite group and is the manganese analogue of Pectolite. Color varies in proportion to the Mn concentration, often completely or partially Pseudomorphed to Birnesite.
Poudrette quarry at Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec is the main source of Serandite and the only Place to produce sizable well terminated crystals. At MSH Sérandite has been found in association with Aegirine, Analcime, Arfvedsonite, Astrophyllite, Eudialyte, Kupletskite Leucophanite, Manganneptunite, Microcline, Nepheline, Sodalite, and Villiaumite occurring in Sodalite xenoliths and pegmatites cutting syenite within an intrusive alkalic gabbro-syenite unit.

Fine Serandite crystal from Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. Attractive miniature specimen Collected in 1988. This fine piece displays very nicely and looks much better than on the pictures. Only one bi terminated with Natrolite left

Price: $2000.00

For detailed description of Sérandite please read Sérandite

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Serandite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec