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 Eudidymite from Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec


Eudidymite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec

Eudidymite NaBeSi3O7(OH) is relatively rare at Mont Saint-Hilaire. It is the monoclinic dimorph of Epididymite. It is a late-stage mineral in alkalic nepheline syenite pegmatites. Colorless to white, rarely pale pink vitreous to silky luster, transparent to translucent. Crystal System is monoclinic. Crystals are usually twinned, tabular  thin in one direction. It is a late-stage mineral in alkalic nepheline syenite pegmatites. 

very fine crystal group of Eudidymite Serandite Kupletskite and Catapleiite From Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.
Attractive Small cabinet specimen collected in the Winter of 2004. Size is about 40 x 30 x 30 mm.

Price: $445.00

For detailed description of Eudidymite please read Eudidymite

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