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Elpidite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec - 001

Elpidite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec – 001

Elpidite is a rare zirconium silicate mineral, often have a very nice crystal form and good specimens from micromount to a cabinet size have been collected. Most prolific occurrence is in Poudrette quarry at Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada and the type locality at Narsarsuk, Julianehaab district, Greenland. Also found at DeMix quarry in St-Amable, Varennes, Quebec, Canada. where it occurs as beautiful orange sprays of prismatic crystals

Here is a one of the prettiest minerals from Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Canada, very fine ball forming Elpidite crystals. Attractive miniature specimen. Collected in the summer of 1999. Specimen is about 25 mm tall.

Price: $145.00

For detailed description of Elpidite please read Elpidite

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Elpidite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec - 001