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Catapleiite, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec – 003

Catapleiite, Na2ZrSi3O9 ² 2H2O. Originally described from Laven Island, Langesundfjord area, and Bratthagen, Norway. It is a rare mineral that occurs in pegmatites in syenites and Nepheline syenites, often as the alteration of or Pseudomorph after Eudialyte and rarely Petarasite. Crystals are thin, tabular, pseudohexagonal often forming rosettes. Reported colors are dark brown, reddish brown, flesh red, yellowish red, colorless, light grey, beige to tan, light yellow, orange, light blue

Rare Catapleiite crystals forming a group of rosettes from Poudrette quarry, Mount Saint Hilaire (MSH), Quebec, Canada.

Collected in the mid 90is. Size is about 25 x 25 x 15 mm. Very unusual

Price: $300.00

For detailed description of Catapleiite please read Catapleiite Na2ZrSi3O9 ² 2H2O – RRuff

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Catapleiite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec -003


Catapleiite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec -003