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Carletonite from Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec

Carletonite from Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec

Carletonite, Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec


Carletonite is a rare silicate mineral with formula KNa4Ca4(CO3)4Si8O18(F,OH)·(H2O). It is named after Carleton University, in Ottawa, Ontario. Phyllosilicate and a member of the Apophyllite group. It occurs in hornfels and siliceous marble xenoliths within and adjacent to a nepheline syenite intrusion. It occurs in association with quartz, narsarsukite, calcite, fluorite, ancylite, molybdenite, leucosphenite, lorenzenite, galena, albite, pectolite, apophyllite, leifite, microcline and arfvedsonite. Tetragonal crystals are a mostly blue, but white, colorless or pink crystals are also common. Translucent gemy crystals faceted to gem stones are known.

From Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Canada, very fine Carletonite crystals. Specimen is about 35 x 30 mm. Old specimen, collected mid 90is.

Price: $590.00

For detailed description of Carletonite please read Carletonite

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