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Ashcroftine-(Y) Mont Saint Hilaire -001

Ashcroftine-(Y) fine mineral specimen Mont Saint Hilaire-001

Ashcroftine-(Y) K5Na5(Y,Ca)12Si28O70(OH)2(CO3)8·8H2O is extremely rare mineral. One prolific occurrence was in Poudrette quarry at Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. It occurs in cavities in augite syenite (Narss^arssuk, Greenland); in igneous breccia and pegmatites in an intrusive alkalic gabbro-syenite complex (Mont Saint-Hilaire, Canada).Association:aegirine, bastnÄasite, lorenzenite, brookite, elpidite, leucosphenite, cordylite, narsarsukite

Here is a one of the Better specimens of Ashcroftine-(Y) from Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. Very nice rich Thumbnail specimen. Taken from my own collection. Specimen is about 27 x 25 x 22 mm.

Price: $500.00

For detailed description of please read: Ashcroftine-(Y)

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Ashcroftine-(Y) Mont Saint Hilaire -001