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Chabazite, Heulandite, Wassons Bluff, Nova Scotia, Canada - 002

Chabazite, Heulandite, Wassons Bluff, Nova Scotia, Canada – 002

Wasson’s Bluff, one of the Canadas landmarks located on the north shore of the Minas Basin about 6 km east of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, Canada. Series of imposing cliff faces at Wasson’s Bluff offer a breath taking view of the beautiful landscape, but cliffs are also world renown for their famous fossils and great mineral specimens.

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Chabazite-Ca – CaAl2Si4O12·6(H2O) common Zeolite
Chabazite from Wasson’s Bluff comes in a wide variety of colors including orange, red, pale red/orange, white, or colorless as well as zoned from deep orange to yellow and colorless areas. Large crystals over 2.5 centimeters in size have been found. Orange to red/orange is the most attractive but also most common color at Wasson’s Bluff.

Here I show one of the few newly collected specimens. It is 65 x 45 mm thin plate with sparkling undamaged Cabazite on Heulandite covered matrix.

Price : ***SOLD***

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