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Client Testimonials – Lazulite specimen

re: RARE LARGE LAZULITE Investment value Crystals Fine Mineral Specimen Yukon Canada
Sent Date: 14-May-15 01:46:03 EDT

Wow Jonathan!

This is the most beautiful specimen I have ever seen that is not completely out of my league. And I just can’t think of a better piece at all.

I really love the Lazulite specimen you have sold me. Even the little pieces are fantastic. All the specimens I have from you are.

You have such exciting specimens and keep the magic of collecting alive and well. I think it is a fine job you do offering people such beauty, rarity and wonder.

I have come to enjoy and love many of the minerals from you more with passing time too. I believe that is the mark of high quality – true treasure. Well done and thank you.

Best regards, Laura P.

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