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Welcome to Jonathan’s Mineral Exchange

Jonathan’s Mineral Exchange is a Montreal, Quebec, Canada based dealership catering to the fine mineral specimens collecting community since 1986.  The primary goal is to acquire and redistribute Canadian mineral specimens to the collecting community whether local or worldwide. Many local collectors are contributing the extensive list of local minerals available in our store room.


Now Available: Mineral Lots for sale!

Mixed Yukon phosphates
Mixed Yukon phosphates
Grape Amethyst
Grape Amethyst

Now Available: Mineral Lots for sale!

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I am an avid collector and curator of an impressive number of fine mineral specimens. My collection is sorted and displayed by localities, the most prominent locality being Mont Saint Hilaire.

Many rare and unusual fine mineral specimens were discovered in the Poudrette Quarry at Mont Saint Hilaire, in Quebec, Canada. Some are fascinating large cabinet size examples while many are micro-minerals.

I had the good fortune to join a dedicated group of knowledgeable and systematic collectors during excursions that were organized throughout the 1980’s. I had an opportunity to enjoy many days of private or small group visits during the 1990’s right up to 2005. At that time, unfortunately, the new mine owners decided to ban all non employees from entering the quarry.

click here to see some of Mont Saint Hilaire specimens in my collection

Jeffry Mine in Asbestos, Quebec and the adjacent Thetford Mines and Black Lake area mines, all Canadian localities, represent a large part of my collection . Unlike many other collectors I had not limited my interest to “trophies”, rather I had collected every specimen I could find or purchase.

click here to see some of Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos specimens in my collection

Another well represented locality is DeMix Quarry, in Varennes – St-Amable municipalities in Quebec. Worldwide recognition of this site keeps growing.

Always Fascinated with other nearby collecting sites and their mineralogy, I have collected and assume the responsibility for hundreds of interesting and beautiful specimens from various parts of Quebec, Ontario, BC, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Yukon and Nunavut.

I still enjoy every opportunity to join other passionate rock hounds or to be more specific mineral collectors in local excursions and throughout my collecting journey. I have traveled as far as St Diego, CA., Quartzsite and Tucson, Arizona, Little Rock and Magnet Cove, Arkansas, Virginia, North Carolina and some of the New England and New York localities.

On top of collecting excursions, throughout the year, my family and I participate in the following Mineral Shows and Symposiums:

(In March) Peterborough, Ontario; (In April) Rochester Mineralogical Symposium; (In May)The Canadian Micromounters Symposium; (In August) Bancroft Ontario Gemboree; and Springfield Mass. East cost mineral show; (In November) The Montreal Gem and Mineral show; (In December) Tokyo Ikebukuro Mineral Show.



私たちはカナダ・モントリオールを拠点に、カナダのミネラル(鉱物)をより多くの世界中のコレクターに知ってもらうことを目的に1986年より活動、営業しております。主な専門はカナダ特産ミネラル、世界のガーネット。サイズはミクロからジャイアントまで取り扱っており、インターネットでの売買またその価格も幅広く取りそろえております。これまでに地元はもちろん国際的なミネラルショーに多数出展してまいりました。カナダ特産、そしてその他の最高の仕上がりの鉱物標本もたくさんございます。ご興味があれば、コレクターの方々への鉱物発掘ツアーも企画しております。カナディアンミネラル発掘ロケーションは、セイント・ヒレール山、バレーヌ、ジェフリー マイン、アスベスト、テッドフォード マイン、ブラックレイク、その他となっております。

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